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Charles Mercieca, Ph.D

President's Picture In the early part of the 21st century, education at all levels took a gigantic step forward in the right direction. After a few decades of preparation, leading educators in USA put successfully into operation Concordia International University with branches in quite a few countries. Volunteered Services.

Professional instructors began to volunteer their services at a faster rate than anticipated. In the meantime, students at all ages, who felt a sacrosanct obligation to create a better and more peaceful world began to join this international institution. Needless to say, the positive and constructive changes they wanted to make on a global scale are now bound to take place in quite a few years.

The problem with our traditional colleges and universities lies here. The education they provide is meant primarily to procure students with jobs after they graduate. Very little is being done to replace struggles and wars with harmony and peace. They seem to forget, as Pope Pius XII said in 1939 on the eve of World War II that “in a war everyone is a loser, no one a winner.”

Ironically, in periodical statistical studies made in the vast majority of countries, all people want to live permanently in peace. They do not want to experience war in their lives by all means. Those that tend to advocate the waging of wars are generally those in the government, along with mentally blind groups who believe they can control their nation and the world at large through violence.

Here, we need to bring to our attention the preamble of UNESCO, which stands for United Nations, Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It states clearly: “Since wars begin in the minds of men it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.” The only way to achieve this properly and effectively is through a good and sound education.

Fortunately, there have been several groups in many institutions of learning that have tried seriously to implement UNESCO’s harmonious and peaceful philosophy. The time has arrived when we need to make sure that colleges and universities reevaluate their purpose in relation to the universal welfare of the entire human race.

This explains why, Concordia International University came into operation. Since both its faculty members and students want to bring a permanent peace, they associated themselves with a good peace agency to implement its objectives: International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP).

The goals and of this organization may be enlisted as follows:

  • Promotion of international understanding and world peace thorough education.
  • Protection of the environment from air and water pollution.
  • Safeguard of human rights.
  • Disarmament and development of human resources for constructive purposes.
If these four goals and objectives are properly and effectively implemented in countries around the world, within a matter of two to three generations, world peace will become a tangible reality for many generations yet to come to cherish and enjoy.

As far as all subject areas are concerned, Concordia International University will concentrate on making sure that each of the involved subject areas will serve as an effective instrument to bring about a permanent world peace. The human life is definitely the most important element of every human being. All people would rather live in good health and with enough money to buy necessities than to live with one foot in the grave while possessing all the riches in the world. The job of every teacher lies primarily in the ability to show children how they can become instruments of peace through the knowledge of each subject area, which has the potential to contribute to the implementation of a world peace. Let us give an illustration. The teacher of history may demonstrate how people suffered, losing their property and their lives through needless and useless wars. This would be a reflection by way of meditation in addition to the teaching of historical events.

In brief, the primary objective of Concordia International University is to implement in students the concept that all people are members of the same human family whose obligation is to respect each other. A study of history shows that people always fought because of diversities between them. Diversities may be proven to be a source of enrichment in a variety of ways. Hence, this would be a good way to justify our obligation in the creation of harmonious relations.

With the arrival of Concordia International University, we have now at our disposal the perfect instrument in providing the world with a permanent harmony and peace in due time. Those who may be interested in establishing contact with this institution may get in touch with the Officer, The Officer info is:

E-mail is: info@iconcordia.org

Phone Number is:1-213-342-8558.

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