About Us
Vision, Mission, and Values


Our mission is for Concordia to be an educational institution with faculty and staff imbued with integrity, professionalism, and competence, providing academically excellent and continuing education for its students. Our mission is to be an active part of an international community of students, teachers and staff that care for our families, our people, and society in general.


Providing Excellent Education in a Global Setting.

Core Values

  • Libertas - Freedom or liberty that enables our students to determine their destinies and contribute to their families, communities, the nation, and to international understanding.

  • Scientia – Love for knowledge; a desire to achieve academic excellence in and out of the campus, a yearning to learn that is manifested in hard work and patience.

  • Veritas – Search for the truth, a predisposition to work towards what is right and true.

  • Veneratio – Highest respect for others and for the environment.

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