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I found the Concordia TESOL course very well put together and easy to follow. My online tutor was very helpful and offered guidance and support when I needed it. The course was broken down into various units covering teaching methods, teaching application, grammar and even classroom dynamics. The units ran smoothly into each other. The option to study at home was ideal for me. I was able to work during the day and study along with the course and complete it in my personal target time. I look forward to teaching in Korea with a good foundation behind me. Many thanks Daniel D. (Canada)
This course provided me with what I was looking for: knowledge of English grammar, classroom and course organization and how to teach in a classroom environment. Especially the online tutors feed back was helpful. I have the confidence now to promote myself as an English teacher. The price was fair and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to become a qualified English teacher. Sarah B. (Italy)
Concordia TESOL Program has been a life enhancing experience plus a confidence builder. The course was intense but extremely enjoyable and incredibly worthwhile for my career. I was extremely impressed with the comprehensiveness of the course. I received help to find a job which is really appreciated. I highly recommend it. Ting C. (China)
When I first heard about the Concordia Online TESOL Program, I was skeptical about it. Well I was wrong. I learned a lot, I had a great teacher, and I could not have taught English as a foreign language without taking this course. I was pleased with the fact that I was able to study whenever and wherever I want. And that is why this program is so amazing! Min K. (Korea)
Concordia TESOL Program prepared me in every aspect for the challenges of going overseas. If you are looking for change, challenges, and a great experience, then take the chance to travel and teach abroad. I am confident that it will be an experience of your life time as have experienced so much in a short time and I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that await me. Manabu G. (Japan)
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